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Welcome to The Venturing Veggie!

Here we go! First post!

My name is Jenna and welcome to the start of The Venturing Veggie!

A little bit about me - I am a digital nomad, who has been a vegetarian since I was 4 years old. I have lived on both coasts of the US, and grew up in the middle. However, for the past year and a half I’ve been living, working and traveling all over the US in an RV.

I absolutely love traveling! However, with being a vegetarian, and the only vegetarian in my family or group of friends, I always found it hard to find great veg friendly food while out and about. Not wanting to be subjected to sides or salads while traveling, I would do days worth of research to make sure everyone would have a great food experience. I started writing down place recommendations and taking pictures of my orders, and soon The Venturing Veggie was starting to form.


After visiting all 50 states and 33 countries, and with lots of travel plans in the future, I am starting The Venturing Veggie as a space to share vegan and vegetarian places I have tried and loved, and new places I will experience. The Venturing Veggie will not only document these veg friendly eats and restaurants, it will also have guides of must see sites, where to stay, and cute outfits along the way.

So I hope you join me on this venture and all those to come! Make sure to subscribe to this website and follow along on Instagram here and Pinterest here.

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